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  • Honey New Mom Gift Box
  • Honey New Mom Gift Box
  • Honey New Mom Gift Box
  • Honey New Mom Gift Box
  • Honey New Mom Gift Box

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About This Box:
Treat a new mom to a few stolen moments of relaxation while welcoming the new little one too. The Honey New Mom & Baby Gift Basket celebrates the connection between a new mom and her bundle of joy with a few indulgences she can enjoy. All items in this gift basket are handmade in our studio in Virginia using 100% natural & organic ingredients, and this New Mother Gift Basket will allow her much needed relaxation (spa & tea time!) at home. p.s Who can resist handmade Honeycomb soap and Honey Bee cotton towel?! :).
The Gift Box Includes:
♥ 'Just Breathe' Organic Lemon Bath Salts (3 oz) Probably the most refreshing bath salts in town! Made with 100% natural, high quality ingredients, it will relieve the muscle ache & tension and awaken her senses with its powerful lemon citrus scent from 100% pure cold-pressed lemon essential oil. It carries pieces of dried lemon peels.
♥ 2 Lemon Goat Milk Soaps 100% NATURAL. Infused with 100% pure essential oil & rich goat milk. (No harmful ingredients). This soap will leave the new mom's skin so soft & smells soo good:)! 2 soaps are designed as honey bee & honeycomb to delight the new baby and new mama!
♥ Sea-Harvested Sea sponge A natural, hand-harvested sea sponge from Florida's deep clean sea. Its soft and fluffy texture makes for an extra luxurious lather. Our sea sponge is directly sourced from the Florida's sea farmers. It lasts longer, highest quality, and offers natural minerals and exfoliation. Gentle for new mother & new baby.
♥ Organic Chamomile Loose leaf Tea Of course, there has to be a tea........right? This soothing, organic tea is CAFFEINE FREE and has numerous mental and physical health benefits for a new mom. Extra delightful! Perfect addition to new mom gift basket! CHANGED TO ORGANIC CHAMOMILE 
♥ Coconut & Lemon Lip balm Made with 100% real beeswax and infused with coconut oil and pure lemon essential oil, this lip balm is rich, soft and a perfect addition to this special New Mom gift basket! Hand poured in our studio, it smells refreshing and is the perfect pampering gift!
♥ Beets & Apples Handmade Dark Chocolate from Virginia Our signature dark chocolate is handmade in Virginia. It's so tasty and not too bitter, so the new mother can satisfy her sweet tooth and with a much deserved sweet treat!
♥ Beets & Apples Handmade Honey Bee Cotton Napkin (20* x 20*) So soft and gentle, it's perfect as a baby wipe, tea towel, table napkin, hand towel etc, this soft cotton cute bee napkin is another gift a new mom & new baby will love!
Kraft Box in Beets & Apples Signature Package
White Greeting Card (****IMPORTANT ***** ) I am happy to write a card for you, please let me know what you want to write upon checkout.
Processing Time: 2-3 Days
Box Size:
6” x 6” x 4” H

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